LIME is the core technology behind all CAMELOT’s products

LIME is an innovative proprietary framework of libraries, aimed at extracting, understanding and representing quantitative and meaningful information from complex data and images. Mixing state-of-the-art computational techniques drawn from machine learning, computer vision, and optimization, LIME is the cornerstone of our unique ability to generate knowledge from data.        

Some key LIME modules are:

  • quantitatve image analysis (segmentation and extraction of quantitative parameters)
  • image co-registration and fusion
  • display functionality
  • interoperability

LIME applications

LIME flexibility allows us to tackle information challenges across industries.

As the amount of digital data grows exponentially in all industries and sectors, a paramount challenge is the extraction of valuable knowledge from data and images. With LIME, we can help you extract, understand and represent the information contained in:

  • medical images
  • 'omics data and other high-throughput biomedical data
  • wireless sensor network data
  • virtually any type of complex and high-dimensional data